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Spoofing HTTP Referer gives you a new kind of HTTP Referer spoofer. Its free, easy to use, and lets all of your visitors fake an HTTP-Referer from your website. Support all kinds of browers, safe to use.


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Targeted Traffic Source, Forge HTTP-Referer and Traffic Source Protection

Fake Referer for Users

Please note, Spoofing HTTP Referer from is a code used for all your website visitors. It does not need any special installation or setup on your visitors' computer.

If you are looking for fake HTTP Referer on your own browser, please search broswer plugins.

Not everyone understands how spoofing an HTTP Referer works, so we use ABC to describe the process. Do they mess up the page? We want your opinion.

Anti-SpamNo Spam:

Do not use our service for your spam. We will ban it within 30 minutes after we received first complaint.

Why Fake the Referer

An HTTP-Referer is an important parameter for tracking website visitors. When you send a visitor to a website and you do not want the website's webmaster know where his or her visitors came from, you need to choose either to hide HTTP-Referer or fake it.

There are millions of places that need a spoof referrer. A typical case is: you are sending your visitors from your black-hat traffic source to your CPA (Cost-Per-Action Affiliate) offer landing page and spoof referer makes it seem if they all came from your white-hat SEO page.

Browser Compatibility

Fully tested and works on:

Internet Explorer Firefox Google Chrome Spoof Referrer Opera Safari

Click here for full Browser and Platform Compatibility list.

Please test HTTP Referer Spoofing Capability on other systems and report to us.

Spoofing HTTP Referer

Spoofing Ready

These websites B have constantly installed code, you may use these sites as spoof URL if you want to.

Use at your own risk. Email us if you want your site list here.


We are considering phase out this service. Please move to, which is powered by our technology on Fake HTTP-Referer. You can also create Short URL and use Custom Domain. Please check it out, you will find much much more.

How Spoof a HTTP Referer Works

Spoof HTTP-Referer

After you place a spoof link on A. Your visitors click (or pop-up) the link, and they will be redirected to page C with a fake referer B. The webmaster of C will be stung and think you gave them visitors from B. This procedure is also called link cloaking or link masking.

Get a Spoof Link For Fake HTTP Referer

The spoof link is created for you to use on A.

Covert Result Fake-Referer Link to a Short Url

Syntax for Spoof HTTP-Referer Link Construction

Spoof Link looks like:

Base64 Spoof HTTP-Referer Link Encoding

You can use Base64 encoding your URL as:


TroubleshootingMake Spoofing Work

Follow these easy steps to make your HTTP-Referer spoof work:

P3PP3P iFrame Issue

If the spoofer is working but not working in frame or iframe, especially in IE. The reason is P3P privacy protection because cookies cannot be successfully placed. The solution is to deploy your own P3P Policy.

FriendUse Your Own Domain Name

You can use this HTTP Referer Spoofer under your own domain name by map your own domain.

Fake Referer Demo

This is a demonstration of how spoof HTTP-Referer works:

Demo 1: Real Referer

Click this URL: test
It will show your real referer, which is this page.

Demo 2: Fake Referer

Click this URL again:
Which will bring you to the same page as demo 1, but with different/spoofed HTTP-Referer.

Just that simple, all you need is a Spoofed Referer Webpage Url B

Spoof HTTP Referer Requirement

Since this HTTP Referer spoofing tool is working on any of your websites visitors' computer without presettings, this Referer Spoofer has it own limitations: you can only fake a referer from the website you control. You need place this code on your "Spoofed HTTP Referer Webpage" B source code header section after Content-Type meta. Test spoof HTTP-Referer capability.

Spoof HTTP Referer Advantages

SSLSSL Support

If you need a code for your https page, use instead.

FailsafeFail Safe

In very rare situations, when your visitor's computer has viruses or browser memory leaks, it may cause HTTP Referer disorder, then our Fail Safe will protect you, and a no-referer will be deployed.

iFrameiFrame Support

The spoof link is supported by iFrame and Frame, if your intermediate Spoofed HTTP Referer Webpage B does not have any frame-breaking code.

Pop-UpPopUp Compatible

You can use the spoof link in a pop-up A, the destination url C will receive a fake HTTP-Referer header successfully.

Unicode URIUTF8 URL Support

If you want UTF8 URI to work smoothly, you need encode URL correctly in a UTF-8 condition. And your Spoofed HTTP Referer Webpage B has to be UTF8 charset as well.

Web ServerSelf Hosting Code

You can download the code to your own web server, or integrate with your own javascript code. As long as the code is intact, the spoofing will work.

JS SourceSource Code

The JavaScript source code is here. We suggest that you use your own hosted encrypted code for your privacy. B

GoodnessAll The Goodness

This HTTP Referer spoofer has all the features from Premium URL Redirection, no advertising, no wating, fast and stable, an easy going service for you.


I have been testing your 'Spoof HTTP Referer' functionality and it's simply brilliant. I've been looking for something like this for a couple of year now. I've just paid you for the domain mapping of Because it works so well, I'm going to incorporate it into a lot of my affiliate activity.
--- Steve, UK

Known Issues

Post DataPOST Not Support

Currently, form POST method HTTP-Referer spoofing is not supported. However, it can be done in theory by server-side script like ASP/PHP to process form data, we may release post fake feature in future.

JavaScriptJavaScript Needed

If your visitor's browser does not have JavaScript enabled, your visitor will stop at your spoof referer page B.

CookiesCookie Needed

Without cookies enabled, your visitor will stop at your spoof referer page B. However, if they are not accepting cookies, you probably won't get affiliate earning anyway.

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