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No more long URL's with this Free URL Shortening Service, seamless integrated with Referer Hider and Spoofer. Many short domain names and you can map your own domain as well.


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Use Short URLs for Affiliate Marketing and Traffic Protection

Not Just a Short Link

This URL shortener will make your long URL shorter, so you can place it on Twitter, chatrooms, forum posts, that have limited space. URL redirection will display nothing to your visitors, no advertising no waiting.

Our HTTP Referer Hider and HTTP Referer Spoofer support short URL as well.

If you think our domain name is not short enough, then you can use your own domain.


Anti-SpamAnti-Spam Policy

Do not even think about using our Short URL Service as your spam accomplice. We will ban it within 30 minutes after we received first complaint.

Your short URL won't work if your site listed in any of the Spam List:

Got a spam? Forward to us, prosecution is guaranteed.


URL Shortening happens on server-side, so it will work on all browsers and all platforms from PC to Mobile.

Operating Systems

Apple Mac Windows Linux iPhone OS Symbian OS BlackBerry OS Palm OS Android


Internet Explorer Firefox Google Chrome Opera Konqueror Netscape Safari Camino

Rendering Engines

Gecko Trident Presto WebKit


We are considering phase out this service. Please move to, which is powered by our technology and fully capable of create a Short URL for Hide or Fake Referer and much much more.

Why Short Url Better Than Long Url

Get A Short Url

Create a Short Url

Allow SEs

API (Application Programming Interface)

If you would like to create a short URL in your own program, you can have it with our easy to use API.

URL is your original long url, and it needs to be well encoded by encodeURIComponent (Client-Side Javascript), Server.URLEncode (ASP) ,or urlencode (PHP) etc.

URI is custom alias you may provide, optional.

SE is a switch to determine allow search engine spider or not, optional. Default is 0 (block).

CC (recaptcha_challenge_field) & CR (recaptcha_response_field): To make API work, you have to have reCaptch ready, our Public Key is 6LfS2sISAAAAAIFobf783mSZw152sJs1D7X2fdP8.

You might recieve two different types of notifications, one is an error that starts with {Error:. The other is a success notification (e.g. /4/love), in which you need to place or our premium domain names, or your own mapped domain in front to make it full.

URI SchemesVery Long Url

We support very long url, maximum 2048 characters. It's about the maximum length of a URL IE (Internet Explorer) can support.

URI SchemesVarious URI Schemes

We support URI Schemes (Protocols) include about:, callto:, chrome:\\, content:\\, ed2k:\\, feed:, feed:\\, ftp:\\, gopher:\\, http:\\, https:\\, im:, irc:\\, ircs:\\, mailto:, mms:\\, news:, nntp:\\, opera:, pop:\\, sftp:\\, sgn:\\, shttp:\\, skype:, sms:, ssh:\\, steam:, steam:\\, svn+ssh:\\, svn:\\, tag:, tel:, telnet:\\, urn:, view\-source:, ymsgr:.

About Base64

This URL shortener is using database to store URL pairs and has nothing to do with Base64 encoding. The Referer Spoofer and Referer Hider are both supporting Base64 encoding without URL shortening required.

About Url Shortening

CaseCase Sensitive

All Shortened URL's are Case Sensitive. If you do not use the Short URL provided by system, you may get a 404 not found error.


Without any human visitors in 120 days, your Short URL will be removed from the system for recycling. It will never get removed if you use it.

URL Shortening Advantages

TransparentTransparent Redirection

URL redirection happens on server-side, so your visitors will not notice any delays or tangible displays.

No AdvertisingNo Waiting, No Ad

Short URL redirecting in a blink, there's nothing to display to your visitors. No Annoyance, No Waiting.

SSLSSL Support

No more annoying security alert when use an HTTPS link, we support HTTPS URL shortening.


It is safe to use Short URL in your HTML source code, like IMG or SCRIPT source URL. Because we use server-side redirection, your visitors will open the destination file successfully.

VarietyUrl Variety

You can place anything after your Short URL to make it unique and beautiful. For example: can be written as, like a html page, or like a music file.

PrivacyProtect Privacy

Short URL is also used as a method to protect your privacy. You can cover your e-mail address by shortening this URL: Try our email.

BrandedYour Domain Name

With our domain mapping, you can use your own domain for a Very Short URL.

HappyAll The Goodness

URL Shortener has all the benefits from, We have native support for HTTP Referer Hider, HTTP Referer Spoofer, as well as a fast server, stable service, and the best URL Shortener ever.

URL Shortening & URL Redirection

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