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Hide HTTP Referer

A free HTTP-Referrer removing tool, redirect visitors with No HTTP-Referrer, safe link to any websites anonymously. You can make your black hat traffic white again, get AdSense safe traffic.


Hide Affiliate Links
Affiliate marketing is start from Hide Affiliate Links.

100% Hide HTTP-Referer for Affiliate Marketing

Hide Referer for Users

Please note: Hide HTTP Referrer from is a referrer removing tool used for all your website visitors. It does not need any special installation or setup on your visitors' computer.

If you are looking for Hide HTTP Referrer on your own browser, please search in the broswer plugins.

Anti-SpamTo Spammers:

Do not even think about using our service as your spam accomplice. We will ban it within 30 minutes after we received first complaint.

Browser Compatibility

Fully tested and works on:

Internet Explorer Firefox Google Chrome Spoof Referrer Opera Safari

Click here for full Browser and Platform Compatibility list.

Please test HTTP Referer Hiding Capability on other systems and report to us.


You are amazing u can imagine how badly i was looking for such a thing which can remove refrer and here u come... great work man... love u
-- ShoukaT

Hide HTTP Referer


We are phasing out this service. Please move to, which is powered by our core-tech and fully capable of Hide HTTP-Referer Tool. You can also create Short URL and use Your Own Domain Names.

How Hide a HTTP Referer Work

Hide HTTP-Referer

Get a No-Referer Link and Hide Your HTTP Referer

Covert Result No-Referer Link to a Short Url

Syntax for NO HTTP-Referer Link Construction

No-Referer Link looks like:

Samples: To To

Base64 NO Referer Link Encoding

You can use Base64 encoding your URL as:

Backward Compatibility

You can use a no-referrer link as an old style by queryString parameter. It's not recommended especially when your original URL already has a long queryString.

We have a smart URL analysis engine, the following no-referrer URL's are working:


PostHide HTTP Referer on Form Post

You need to cloak your original action source by the same method as listed above. For example: cloak action="" to action=""

If you have any problems submiting UTF-8 content, please check if you are using UTF8 as your page charset. If problems still exisit, you may try encodinge all your INPUT and TEXTAREA values. You can achieve this by Server.HTMLEncode(ASP), HttpUtility.HtmlEncode(ASP.NET), htmlspecialchars(PHP), encodeHTML(JavaScript).

Maximum length of a url accepted is 500 characters. Maximum 10K data by POST; all submitted files will be discarded for security reasons.

Hide Referer Advantages

No-RefererNo HTTP Referer, Guaranteed

This is what this service is all about, deliver absolutely any NO-HTTP-REFERER in any circumstance. DMR (Double Meta Refresh) is last year's technology, but we use quadplex referer removing tactics, which include Meta Refresh, Javascript Location Replace, iFrame Parent Post and Flash getURL Function. We will repeatedly check referer remover results and will only redirect a url after HTTP-REFERER got successfully removed.

SSLSSL Support

No more security alerts on HTTPS URL redirection, and we smoothly support SSL URL.

FriendUse Your Own Domain Name

You can use this HTTP Referer Hider under your own domain name by map your own domain.

Post DataPOST Support

Support form POST method for both encoding type (enctype) "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" (normal mode) and "multipart/form-data" (use for send files).

Port NumberPort Support

You can specifying port number in your no-referer URL, and it can work together with SSL URL.

iFrameiFrame Support

The no-referer link can be used in iFrame and Frame statically or dynamicly write in.

Unicode URIUTF8 URL Support

No hassel on UTF8 encoded URI anymore. has great support for any short or long Unicode URLS as well as normal ASCII URL's.

GoodnessAll The Goodness

This HTTP Referer hider has all the features from, including: no wating time, no annoying advertising, fast server, and a stable service for your blank HTTP-Referer redirection needs.



Known Issues

Smart PhonePOST on Phone Browser

Form POST method does not work very well on smart phone browser or windows mobile. You may lose POST data.

JavaScriptJS Needed for POST

Your visitor will arrive destination URL without POST date if JavaScript has been switched off.

Opean iFrameFrame/iFrame in Opera POST

Hide referer on POST method is working in frames and iframes in Opera, but the result will open in a new window. Test, Compatibility List

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