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WWW 301 Moved Permanently

Add your domain a www or remove the www from the domain made easy. 301 permanent redirect without the needs of .htaccess, RewriteCond and RewriteRule. Instant redirection, no coding, free.


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No Duplicate Content

Are you still worry about your website has duplicate content issue in search engines. We all know Google hates duplicate contents, waste bandwidth and them indexing power. So Google will filter all duplicate content, sometimes even a penalty will follow.

Now, you can avoid duplicate content issue from beginning. Choose either www domain version or non-www version. Either will work great, but which one will you decide to use, are totally subject to your personal taste.

WWW or NO-WWW, It's Your Choice

Hide HTTP-Referer

How It Works

Simple, setup an "A" DNS record for version you wish not to use to our redirection server IP:

The redirection is instantly, no delay on client side. The redirection is 301 Moved Permanently ( a redirection method will pass any ranking and PageRank in Google terms ), all URL path and all parameters ( the querystring ) will remain unchanged.

Ports Handling

Except the default http port 80, our 301 redirect service also handles URLs with difference ports used in all kinds of web servers and software. The URL with port other than 80 will be redirect to default http port 80, and the www will be added or removed accordingly.

Alternate HTTP Ports

HTTP alternate (http_alt), commonly used for Web Proxy and Caching Server, or for running a Web server as a non-root user.

81, 82, 8000, 8001, 8002, 8002, 8008, 8080, 8088, 8090, 8180, 8888, 10080

Other Unusual HTTP Ports

591 FileMaker Web Sharing (HTTP Alternate)
593 HTTP RPC Ep Map, Remote procedure call over Hypertext Transfer Protocol, often used by Distributed Component Object Model services and Microsoft Exchange Server
981 SofaWare Technologies Remote HTTPS management for firewall devices running embedded Check Point FireWall-1 software
1080, 1081 Socked Proxy
1311 Dell OpenManage HTTPS
1920 IBM Tivoli Monitoring Console (HTTPS)
2031 Mobrien-Chat (
3100 HTTP default listen port for Tatsoft
3128 Web caches or client connection for Squid
4567 Sinatra default HTTP Server Port in development mode
4711, 4712 McAfee Web Gateway 7, Default GUI Port HTTP and HTTPS
5104 IBM Tivoli Framework NetCOOL/Impact HTTP Service
5433 Bouwsoft File/Webserver
5800 VNC Remote Desktop Protocol, use over HTTP
6005 Camfrog Chat, Cam Client, BMC Software Control M/Server—Socket
7000 Vuze HTTPS Bittorrent Tracker
7001, 7002 BEA WebLogic Server HTTP Server and HTTPS Server
8011, 8012, 8013, 8014 HTTP/TCP Symon Communications Event and Query Engine
8243, 8280 HTTPS and HTTP listener for Apache Synapse
11371 OpenPGP HTTP Key Server
16080 Mac OS X Server Web with Performance Cache
21001, 21011, 21012, 21021, 21022 AMLFilter amlf-engine-02 default http and https port

Problem Ports

HTTPS 443 Browser will display a Untrusted Connection waring for the SSL (ssl_error_bad_cert_domain).
8081, 8082 These two ports were taken by McAfee Framework Services (FrameworkService.exe), part of McAfee Total Protection for our server. Since we cannot change it, nor leave our IIS Server unprotected, these two ports will not work for now.

Choose Between WWW & NO-WWW

WWW Version

WWW, became the start of a website URL from the beginning of the internet. For any traditional website or business, a website domain start with WWW is more prefer, more decent and legitimate. If your website is mainly for informational purposes, you should choose WWW version for your website domain.

No-WWW Domain

Since recently, the start of the web 2.0 dawn, the website URLs without WWW are starting take over the internet. Almost all newly development web 2.0 websites, social networks are using no-WWW. If you are running a interactive website, choose no-WWW version for your website.

What Happen on POST

When received a 301 Moved Permanently header, most modern browsers will understand the HTTP-Header and POST the form content to the new location. However, as we found the statement on W3C: "some existing HTTP/1.0 user agents will erroneously change it into a GET request".

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