Fake, hide or spoof your traffic source

Note: If you frequently need to hide a referer you can use this link format:


Your URL

Referrer type

Current options are Direct Link, Hide/Blank, Fake referer, Google, Twitter, StumbleUpon, URL.com, SimilarSites.com and DuckDuckGo.com;


Google Keywords (If applicable)


Google TLD (If applicable)

NOTE: In order to use Google as a referer your site must be indexed (in Google), otherwise you will receive a manual redirect notice!


Use our FREE tool to hide, spoof or fake your traffic sources.

You can either 100% hide the HTTP referer header, use a fake source or change referrals to Google (with keywords and TLD), Twitter, StumbleUpon, URL.com, SimilarSites.com or DuckDuckGo.com;

We use SSL and HTTPS redirection to garantuee your sources will never be shown.

Why use Referer.us?

In the internet marketing business it's essential to keep your traffic sources hidden, after all you don't want the companies you sent traffic to steal your valuable sources.

How much?
Nada, nothing, it's 100% free and Referer.us will remain free!
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