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Premium URL Redirection

Redirecting a URL is easy. You can use a Short URL and Hide HTTP Referrer, or Spoof HTTP Referrer at the same time by our premium domains, as well as your own domains.


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Premium URL Redirect

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We are considering phase out this service. Please move to, which is powered by our core-tech and fully capable of Hide/Fake Referer, Short URL, Custom Domain and much much more.

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URL Redirection

CompressShorten a Long URL

Will compress a long URL into a shorter URL, so you can easy post on Twitter, chat rooms, or any other site that has limited space in a URL field. Short URL is easy and useful.

HideHide Your Visitors' HTTP Referrer

Hide your secrets; don't let your visitors' HTTP Referrer tell other webmasters where your traffic came from. Hiding your visitors' referrer is the best way to keep your profit.

SpoofFake Your Visitors' HTTP Referrer

Fakes your visitors' HTTP Referrer into giving other webmasters the wrong idea about where the traffic came from. HTTP Referrer Spoofer is a must have tool for black hatter.

Expert Url Redirection

DomainUse Your Own Domain

Do you love our services and want to use them on your own domain name? Now you can have all of our great features with the accessibility of using your own Domain via our Domain Mapping.

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We create all our services based on these ideas. All our services include Url Shortening, Hide HTTP Referer, and Spoof HTTP Referer are supported:

FastFast and Stable is located on a dedicated server with its own IP address. Redirections are processed instantly.

EasyNice and Easy

No matter what your URL looks like, no matter how complex it is, you only need to place a simple name in front of it. You visitors will not get confused by your rewritten URL and will be happy to accept this new name.

SSLSSL Support

We natively support HTTPS by out AlphaSSL 256 Bit SSL Certificate. All our services are SSL-Coordinated.

No AdvertisingNo Waiting, No Ad

Your visitors will barely notice the redirect. There will be no waiting time, no advertising to display, and fast url redirection occurs in the blink of an eye.

No TraceNo Tracking

We will not log any URL redirections or place any tracking codes while redirection is in progress. You get transparent URL redirection without a trace.

No RobotNo Robots

Spiders and search engine robots cannot trace your redirected URL. We detect spiders and robots by User-Agent combined with IP address blacklist and robots.txt robots exclusion protocol.


With premium domain names, we give your URL a different look.

Unicode URIUTF8 URL Support

We use UTF8 coding on all our pages and redirected URL's. is well support any short or long Unicode URL's as well as normal ASCII URL's.

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